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Outlier Legal Services provides assistance with immigration applications in Costa Rica. Whether you need temporary residency, a work visa, or permanent residency, we will be able to assist you.


If you are looking to buy a new home or commercial property, or invest in a development, our experienced attorneys will assist you with the title search, the deed, the subdivision, or the condo bylaws. Our experience is as diverse as the industry itself. For dreams big and small, we have an expert who can help you.


Whether you need to incorporate your new LLC, register a trademark, draft a contract, or run your books, we have the expertise to help you. Our team understands the needs of a small business in a big world.


Do you need to obtain a document such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce decree, or police record? Or do you need to translate a document into another language, legalize it, or obtain an apostille? We can help. Let us know what you need, and we will let you know how we can assist you.


We are a dedicated and passion-filled group of professionals, with each of us bringing our own particular talents and expertise.

Rafael Valverde

Co-Founder, CEO

Dawn Drummer

Co-Founder, CCO

Nataliya Bari

Chief Operating Officer

Patricia González

Accounting Client Service

I Wen Chen

Zoho Trainer

Mario Rodriguez

Managing Immigration Attorney
Glorianne Incera

Gloriane Incera

HR Coordinator
Daphne Smith

Daphne Smith

Administration Host
Johaf Arias

Johaf Arias

HR Developer
Karen Ulate

Karen Ulate

Business Manager
Laura Mejía

Laura Mejía

Docs Coordinator

Ana Armenta

Multimedia Storyteller

Adrián Pineda

Legal Assistant

Aldo Bruno

Legal Immigration Lead

Pablo Brenes

Valeria Chavarria

Valeria Chavarría


Melissa Espinoza

Lead Immigration Client Services

Stephanie Valverde

Immigration Specialist

Barbara Salas

HR Assistant

Valery Guevara

Accounting Assistant
Alfredo Abrego

Alfredo Abrego

Senior Immigration Paralegal
Bayron Segura

Bayron Segura

Administrative Assistant
María José Chavarría

María José Chavarría

Client Services Coordinator
Steven Carballo

Steven Carballo

Immigration Services Coordinator
Johnny Lara

Johnny Lara

Real Estate Manager
Luis Chacon

Luis Ángel Chacón

Compliance Officer
Sonia Castro

Sonia Castro

Executive Assistant to the CEO
Juan Jose Vega

Juan Vega

Marketing Manager
Rodrigo Llibre

Rodrigo Llibre

Administrative Assistant
Marggie Blanco

Marggie Blanco

Lead Human Resources
Carlos Escobar

Carlos Escobar

Legal Assistant
Felipe Mena

Felipe Mena

Jia Guan

Jia Guan

Docs Assistant

María Celeste Jimenez

Immigration Service Coordinator
Diana Casteneda

Diana Castañeda

Panama Immigration Attorney
Oscar Ledezma

Oscar Ledezma

Administrative Assistant
Debbie Davis

Debbie Davis

Experience Manager
Alessandro Solis

Alessandro Solís




Dawn has put together an incredible team of hard-working, caring Millennials. They accomplish their tasks professionally with excellent communication between the client and team members. Having twice experienced the Rentista paper-chase, the first time in 1991, and again through the ...

K. Kichinka

If you are looking for Immigration services or real estate services Outlier Legal Services has helped us with both types of transactions. Rafael handled our house closing very quickly for us and with no hiccups! If your Spanish is not ...

Debra Brouwer

Dawn and Rafael are the BEST ever. Have your important papers ready, and they do the rest – BC/FBI/Fingerprinting – Sit Back and let them do the work. So very happy I decided to go with Outlier – Thank you ...

Mo Len Michaels

I cannot recommend Outlier Legal enough. Their knowledge of both U.S. and Costa Rican law is amazing and priceless to me. On top of that … a lawyer that responds … quickly … in English or Spanish. Wow!

John Wegner

I loved having a local law firm handling my residency this time because they spoke English, were responsive by email and phone and were nearby in case something needed attention. I only need to do residency every few years and ...

Rob Evans

When you move to a foreign country and don’t know too many people (if any) it is wonderful to have a firm like Outlier Legal Services to talk to, to guide you, to hold your hand and help you get ...

Art Pryor

Very comprehensive! Couldn’t have gotten the forms I needed to submit to the US without you guys. You made the whole process so easy.

Jme Bright

Precision, Knowledge, Communication are Key components to accomplishing a goal, Outlier, specifically Dawn and Rafael Epitomize these concepts !!! I HIGHLY recommend Outlier to ALL interested parties !!!

Don Schwartz

Highly recommended. With all the confusing information out there, it was nice to receive correct answers regarding residency and professional help.

Lindsay Gorham

Rafa and Dawn have been an absolute delight to work with! They have made the residency application as easy as possible here.

Greg Pekas


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